Court Committees

Inform court members of events, meetings and notices.

eMail: Carol Hollenbeck
Callers: Linda Spencer, Donna Collins

Financial Review
Review the court finances two times a year  4-13-20(delayed by virus)

Rita Hughes
Jan Roth
Jessica White
Court Officers
District Deputy

Coordinate court fund raising projects.

Brenda Dresen

Homebound & Sick
Communicate with and coordinate visits/gifts for the homebound.

Jessica White
Mariann Hilderbrand

Lenten Raffle. 2-28-20 thru 4-03-20
Coordinate this annual court fundraising project.

Carol Hollenbeck, Chair Corpus Christi
Jan Roth, Chair  Corpus Christi
Carol Andress Chair St. Patrick

LifeSaver Drive
Organize annual April collection to fight domestic abuse (2020 cancelled by virus)

Chair: Joan Von Tersch-Wege

Past Regents Group
Plan for anniversaries of members, court outings, and standing rules review.

Angie Shea
Sheila Graham
Jan Roth
Mariann Hilderbrand
Evelyn Seidler
Julie Marlow

Community/ Pro Life
Promote and coordinate court volunteer efforts at events and projects: Corpus Christi walk ; Life chain; 40 Days for Life; Keep CB Beautiful; Celebrate CB, report on Pro-Life activities.

Angie Shea & Sheila Graham

Public Relations
Promote the court through articles, website, newsletters, and bulletins. Assists in proofing articles to be published in The Voice, Share, etc.

xxxxxxxxxxxxx – Facebook
Carol Hollenbeck – Website
Sheila Graham – Newsletter
Carol Hollenbeck – Prayer Boxes
Mary Sue Wickham – Publications

Coordinate efforts to invite women to join the court.

Jessica White
Kay White
Marilyn Good
*All members should be involved

Salad Luncheon
Organize this annual July fund raising event.

Set up:  Chair,
Set up:  Mary Morrow
Set up:  Joan Goeser
Flyer creation & church bulletins: Carol Hollenbeck
Flyer distribution: Linda Spencer
Kitchen Chairs: Mary Carroll & Sheryl Stewart
Decorations: Carol Hollenbeck
Raffle: Jan Roth
Supplies: Carol Hollenbeck
Callers for Salads & Desserts:
Judy Lookabill
Donna Collins

Spiritual Enhancement
Closing Prayer: Jessica White
First Communion: Jessica White
Confirmation: Carol Hollenbeck
RCIA: Carol Hollenbeck

Youth Programs
Education Contest Dinner: March 8, 2021
Organizing Chair: Mariann Hilderbrand

Church Rep: Corpus Christi
Liaison to parishes for programs and information
Monica Sciortino

Church Rep: St. Patrick
Liaison to parishes for programs, and information.
Brenda Dresen
Church Rep: St. Peter
Liaison to parishes for programs, and information.

Dola Mehsling

Charitable Projects
Organize Coordinate and deliver donations to organizations.

Linda Spencer & Felicia Davidson