Prayer Boxes

More things are brought through prayer than this world dreams of.


Prayer inside every box.









***Please pray for longtime member Marcella Lee, now living in Florida. She is using a walker and  is beginning therapy next week for bursitis and arthritis in her right hip. She has a hard time sitting and riding in a car. (5-26-23)
Evelyn Seidler –
Now living with her sister in Tyler, TX. Dementia and arthritis. (9-10-2023)


Sixteen PRAYER BOXES circulate among our court members in need of our prayers.

1 Terri Dynek –

2. Mariann Hilderbrand – Prayers for Mariann’s Husband, who has suffered his third stroke. (9-11-23)

3. Jo Meade – Relief from pain of spinal stenosis and neuropathy in her hands.

4. Mary Sue Wickham –  Please pray for CDA sister Mary Sue in the loss of her mother, longtime member Mary Alice Wickham. (8/3/2023)

5.  Judy Lookabill – Prayers for Judy’s Husband John dealing with a-fib. (6-27-22)

6.  Monica Sciortino –  Heart Cath revealed heart failure and relief from back pain. Surgery on October 26, 2023. (9-11-23)

7. Debi Wheeler –  Total knee replacement surgery on June 19. (5-22-23)

8. Kris Jarecki – Continuing to recover from knee surgery. (9-11-23)

9 -16 – Available Prayer Boxes.

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