Gift in Kind Collection on 8-14-17 of school supplies for the community: (L) Joan Goeser, Donna Collins, Lucile Burk, Sheila Graham, Julie Marlow, Sue Meidlinger, Sue Thomas, Jessica White, Angie Shea, Kay White, Joan Von Tersch Wege, and Layna Beer.

Welcome to all!!

Total of 57 members.

  • Shelly Wickersham  2/24/20
  • Mary Jo Klein           9/26/20 (Renewal membership since 9-16-13)
    Lorraine Shald         Transfer March, 2021
  • Jan Swift                     4-19-21
    Susie Van Voltenberg 4-19-21
  • Sue Mize                    4-25-22
    Kris Reicks                 6-27-22
    Kathi Markel               6-27-22
    Debi Wheeler             6-27-22
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