Prayer Boxes


***Pray for the soul of member Charlotte Spoto† who passed  away on February 8, 2021 a member since 1998.

***Kris Jarecki is finally off oxygen from her bout with COVID19. She was able to speak to me on the phone. She would like me to thank you all for your prayers through her long ordeal. She knows it made a difference for her.(2-17-21)

***Elaine Fenner has a broken arm and today is in Jennie Ed hospital for surgery. (1-24-21)


***Please pray for Nora Jane, granddaughter of Monica Sciortino  Her family continues to pray for eventual resolution of her pulmonary hypertension. They were able to do a successful heart cath and little Nora survived it. (2-21-21)

TEN PRAYER BOXES circulate among our court members in need of our prayers.

1 Terri Dynek – District Deputy Terri scheduled for corrective surgery on February 15, 2021 and scheduled for knee replacement in late March or early April.

2 Irene Schlautman – Recovered from injuries and surgery, and a stable pacemaker. Just had a big birthday on 12-21-2020!

3. Rita Hughes – Still struggling with rehab following knee surgery.

4. Dola Mehsling – Had a successful foot surgery on November 16, 2020. Is home recovering.

5. Mary Roush – She is suffering from increasing dementia. (2-10-21)

6. Jo Meade – Relief from pain of spinal stenosis and neuropathy in her hands. She also is a sister of Rose L. Leggio who passed on November 20, 2020 and another relative, Charlotte Spoto passed on 2-08-2021.

7. Brenda Dresen – Outpatient surgery for rotator cuff shoulder surgery was cancelled. Had work done on her teeth because of infection and is going to have surgery later.

8. Available Box –

9. Available Box –

10. Available Box –



More things are brought through prayer than this world dreams of.

Prayer inside box: When your worries consume you, and life’s hard to bear, Let go and let GOD bring you comfort in prayer.  This box is your solace, for in GOD you confide. Write you PRAYERS on paper and put them inside.