Prayer Boxes

***Thanks for prayers for member Mary Jo Klein. Her cancer is now in remission. Her husband is at home dealing with health issues.
***Evelyn Seidler- longest serving court member Has severe osteoarthritis,spine is deteriorating, stenosis and heart stent. Lives in Denton, TX since 2003. Still in her home. Please pray for relief from pain.
***Judy Mendel has been having a lot of hip pain. Judy lives in Dixon, Illinois. She wants  all to know that she is doing pretty well, staying home to avoid the pandemic.(1-29-22)

***Prayers for Monica Sciortino, under cardiac care and following Doctor’s orders. Is grateful for our prayers.

***Sue Mize asks for prayers for her niece in Alabama who has cancer and prayers for her son’s Mother-in-law, who recently died of cancer. (10-24-22)

***Please pray for Kristy, the daughter of member Pat Christensen, who underwent breast cancer surgery. (10-20-22)

Fifteen PRAYER BOXES circulate among our court members in need of our prayers.

1 Terri Dynek – Upcoming knee replacement to be scheduled. (10-24-22)

2. Mariann Hilderbrand – Prayers for Mariann’s Husband, who has suffered his third stroke. Recovering at home. (10-24-22)

3. Mary Roush – She has increasing dementia. Now at a retirement center. July 2022.

4. Jo Meade – Relief from pain of spinal stenosis and neuropathy in her hands.

5. Donna Collins – Pray for Gary Collins, husband of Donna, who is now in an assisted living center. (8-26-22)

6. Mary Alice Wickham – Mary Alice is now receiving physical therapy at home. (11-28-22)

7.  Judy Lookabill – Prayers for Judy’s Husband John dealing with afib. (6-27-22)

8.   Carol Andress –  Second knee surgery upcoming on January 3, 2023. She  has returned to the meetings. (11-28-22)

9.    Jan Roth – Recovering from Outpatient surgery on lower back on 8-11-22. Doing better each day. (11-28-22)

10.   Kris Jarecki – Pray that her health allows a relief from pain Knee Surgery soon. (10-24-22)

11-15 – Available Prayer Boxes.

AT 712-325-0084


More things are brought through prayer than this world dreams of.

Prayer inside box: When your worries consume you, and life’s hard to bear, Let go and let GOD bring you comfort in prayer.  This box is your solace, for in GOD you confide. Write you PRAYERS on paper and put them inside.