Elaine Nugent

Member since October 11, 1976
Deceased January 26, 2018

                                                                                                                                                             By Carol Hollenbeck, Web Manager

Elaine grew up in Fort Dodge, Iowa with two sisters and one brother. She moved to Council Bluffs in 1945 and married her husband Don (Bob) Nugent in 1950. She and her husband shared many years of travel and adventure together. Camping, boating, and water skiing on the Missouri River were frequent activities for the Nugents. They also belonged to a square dancing group.

From April until November they traveled the country by motorcycle. With “Heaven’s Angels” they biked the New England states, through the Smokey Mountains and up into Canada twice. They rode to the Kentucky Derby in Louisville and all the way down to College Station, TX for an Iowa State Game. Speaking of Iowa State….Elaine says that she is still “Clone to the Bone.” For a stretch of nearly thirty years Elaine and her husband attended every single Iowa State Football game (both Home and Away games) and of course the bowl games. Elaine’s license plate says it all… BE 4 ISU.

Don Nugent passed away in 1996. Elaine feels fortunate to have “so many wonderful memories” of their times together. She also feels she was blessed with three very special dogs, Pepper, Heidi and Misty, who all lived into old age. These days Elaine spends much of her time “spoiling” her ten nieces and nephews, fifteen greats and seven great-great nieces and nephews. She fills lots of envelopes for graduations, birthdays, weddings, baby showers and makes frequent trips back to Fort Dodge for their special occasions. She is available for babysitting too!

Elaine is a member of long standing at Holy Family Catholic Church where she belongs to the Rosary Society, the Ministry of Praise and serves as co-chair for all funeral dinners. She is a member of the Mission Guild and for about thirteen years she has been rolling bandages, made from strips of sheets. These bandages are then sent to countries of the world in need of medical supplies. Just imagine how many lives have been touched by the dedication of the women in that group!

Elaine joined the Catholic Daughters Court St. Anthony in 1976. She has held every leadership office, with the exception of Treasurer, some more than once. She served a three year term as State Financial Secretary of Iowa CDA. She said that office required “a lot of traveling.” She attended a National CDA convention in Tacoma, Washington representing our court. Elaine said she has most enjoyed attending CDA workshops as well as the conventions. “You get involved and learn so much.” She would like to see “more members get involved” by taking advantage of the workshops and other meetings that are offered.

These days Elaine is still on-the-go. Recently, she attended the State Convention of CDA with our Regent and Vice-Regent. She enjoys practicing a martial art called Tai Chi with ladies from what will soon be the Corpus Christi parish. She attends a breakfast group once a month to stay in touch with her friends from boating, motorcycling and square dancing. She is still racking up mileage as she makes “Elaine’s Taxi” available for several ladies that she takes to doctor appointments, the grocery store, or wherever they need to go. Elaine is a Catholic Daughter who uses every ounce of energy she has to gladly serve others. She is always at work in our court, her church and the community. We thank her for her service, dedication and caring.

“She reaches out her hands to the poor, and extends her arms to the needy…let her works praise her.” Proverbs 31:20,31