Jeanette Bowen

Member since June 11, 1990
Deceased March 10, 2014

                                                                                                                                                              By Carol Hollenbeck, Web Manager

Jeanette Bowen was born in Earling, Iowa. In her farm family, one sister was not enough, because Jeanette also had five brothers. Being in the middle of her siblings, Jeanette was subjected to many a prank at the hands of her brothers. “They were mean to me!” she recalls. One particular incident involved an invitation to reach into her older brother’s pocket, resulting in a live snake! Jeanette attended High School at Portsmouth, Iowa. Tragically, her father died during her Senior year. The family moved into Council Bluffs, while Jeanette stayed on at Portsmouth to finish her schooling. She has lived in Council Bluffs since 1953. She worked for Mutual of Omaha for eleven years. In 1956 she and Jim were married. They had three children, a girl and two boys. She has a “special” niece and nephew whom she babysat for many years, and considers them her close family. Today she loves to cook for her five grandchildren and listen to their stories.

Jeanette is a Corpus Christi parishioner and attends Queen of Apostles. She stuffs bulletins and maintains the votive candle stand weekly. She leads The Rosary on Monday and Friday mornings before 8:00 Mass. She works at funeral dinners and is an RCIA sponsor. When her children were young she helped set up the CCD program every Wednesday that they met. She served as a Eucharistic Minister during Masses at Queen of Apostles for years. Twice monthly she provides Communion Services to large groups of residents at Bethany Home and The Heights.

Jeanette has been a member of Court St. Anthony #330 since June, 1990. She served as Treasurer of the court for eight years. She has also held the position of Vice Regent and Regent. She has attended CDA State Conventions and many other events, such as Anna Baxter Days.

She is a willing driver and helper for ladies who need a lift to the grocery store doctor appointment, or to get their hair done. She regularly meets for lunch with groups that formed because of involvement with motorcycles, camping or square dancing. Although she was never involved in those activities, she truly enjoys getting together and having good conversation. Jeanette is the woman who walked up to this new parishioner, new to Council Bluffs, only in town for a few months and invited me to join the local Catholic Daughters Court. I can personally attest to Jeanette’s warmth, caring and charm. We honor Jeanette for her service and her Catholic Christian example.

So we are ambassadors for Christ, as if God were appealing through us. 2 Corinthians 5:20