Luana Paluka

June 29, 1923 – October 23, 2018 RIP
Member since October 11, 1953


At the Tuesday, December 17th 2013 monthly CDA Meeting of Catholic Daughters Court St. Anthony #330 in Council Bluffs, IA we honored one of our Catholic Daughter Members Luana Angeline Paluka who is a very special lady and a dear friend to all of us. Luana Paluka has been a member of our Catholic Daughters of Americas Court St. Anthony #330 for sixty years. Luana joined our Catholic Daughter Court on October 11th, 1953. On June 29th, 2013, Luana celebrated her 90th birthday. This past month, the past CDA Regents of our Catholic Daughters Court St. Anthony #330 celebrated Luana’s life as a Catholic Daughter by taking her out to lunch at the Olive Garden Restaurant.

Luana Angeline Paluka was born in Council Bluffs, IA at Jennie Edmundson Hospital on June 29th, 1923. Her parents were named Frank Paluka and Selina Colgan Paluka. Luana was baptized by Fr. Ignatius Stein. Luana’s father, Frank Paluka, was an American History Teacher at TJ – Thomas Jefferson High School in Council Bluffs, IA. He was a graduate of Ripon College in Wisconsin. Luana’s mother, Selina Colgan Paluka, was an RN Nurse at Jennie Edmundson Hospital in Council Bluffs, IA for many years. She began her nursing career right after she graduated from high school.

Luana is the oldest of four children. Her sister, Rose Maurine, is one year younger than Luana and she presently has a condo in Lakewood, Colorado. Luana’s sister, Rose Maurine, received a Master’s Degree in American History from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. Luana has two brothers named Francis and John Robert. Francis, known as Frank or Frankie, currently lives in Iowa City, IA. He studied English Literature and worked as a librarian in the University of Iowa Library. He received a Masters Degree in Library Science. Luana’s brother, John Robert, currently lives in a nursing home in Montrose, California, which is a suburb of Los Angeles. In his earlier days, John graduated from ISU – Iowa State University and worked as an Engineer.

Luana’s father, Frank, was of Polish descent. Her mother, Selina, was of the Irish descent. So, Luana is half Polish and half Irish. That is why she is so intelligent. Luana graduated from AL – Abraham Lincoln High School in Council Bluffs, IA in 1942. She and her sister, Rose Maurine, graduated in the same year of high school. Luana has lived at her current address of 360 Lincoln Avenue in Council Bluffs, IA ever since her Dad had bought this house for their lovely family back in 1957. Before then, Luana Paluka lived on Hazel Street in Council Bluffs, IA. Luana has been a member of St. Peter’s Parish in Council Bluffs, IA all of her life. She has also been a member of the St. Peters Altar and Rosary Society for many years.

Luana’s first job was at the A.I. Root Candle Company in Council Bluffs, IA. Luana was one of several lady employees who would roll and make candles. In 1945, she resigned from this A.I. Root Candle Company. In 1947, Luana then worked as a secretary for Dr. Carey, a general practitioner, in the Park Building in Council Bluffs, IA. It was then in 1951 that Luana Paluka began her career working as a Legal Secretary for the Baird Law Office which was also located in the Park Building in Council Bluffs, IA. It was then in 1954 when Luana began working as a Legal Secretary for the McGinn Law Firm in Council Bluffs, IA. Luana had the opportunity of working for the lawyers – Joseph McGinn, Edmund McGinn, and Albert McGinn. Luana worked as a dedicated legal secretary for over 30 years with the McGinn Law Firm. She then retired in the month of October back in the 1990’s. Luana says that there were three legal secretaries that worked at the McGinn Law Firm.

Luana Paluka belongs to the PALS Organization which stands for the Pottawattamie Association of Legal Secretaries. This was a local legal secretaries organization for the legal secretaries who worked in the Council Bluffs area. When asked if Luana had any hobbies, Luana said that she loves to read books, and she loves to play bingo. Luana also likes to buy plants and flowers for her lovely home. Luana said that her favorite colors are pink and blue. And, Luana said that her favorite foods are bacon and scrambled eggs. Luana also has a Dog named Maggie who is either a 10 yr. old or a 11 yr. old Cocker Spaniel.

One of Luana’s favorite events that she likes to attend annually is the St. Peter’s Parish Oktoberfest. Luana says that she has also met many wonderful ladies through our Catholic Daughters Organization and she has enjoyed the many friendships throughout the years. Luana said she especially enjoys the social part of the monthly CDA meetings when visiting with the ladies and participating in CDA functions.

And so, we honor you, Luana, for your dedication and service to our Catholic Daughters organization. Thank you for being a part of our lives. We will always cherish your great friendship and we thank God for blessing us to be a part of your wonderful life. Congratulations!

Written by Mary Sue Wickham, December 2013